Dick Gilbert

Sales Associate


Dick utilized his negotiating experience to enable the seller to understand the advantageous strategy of reducing the asking price in order to facilitate a common-ground quick sale of the property, resulting in a win-win for both seller and purchaser.  -Kurt & Elaine L.


Dick has educated, counseled, and made suggested steps to build my business.  He helped me sell a building and a home and we are rolling with much thanks to Dick!  -Haneen R.


Dick has the experience and knowledge in an area where we have little, giving us the confidence to buy the many investment properties we have.  I know he is looking out for our best interest ("better get a termite inspection!") and when glitches arrive, as they sometimes do, he has the expertise to help resolve it.  He has even gotten money reimbursed that was wrongly charged.  Dick Gilbert is our Realtor!!  -Ron & Leeza H.


Dick had one Sunday walk-in and the house sold in two weeks - for cash.  When I sell my next house, I will be calling Dick and Huff Realty!  -Johnny S.


Dick was very consistent and persistent in assisting us with getting our loan approved.  Dick went out of his way to make sure this loan happened in our tight window of time.  We could not have closed without Dick's countless assistance.  -Karin B.


Dick listed our house, told us when to lower the price, and was sharp enough to get us a buyer from his open house - also getting a listing down the street which sold as quickly as ours.  A great job by Dick Gilbert!  -Lisa & Jim K.


This is the fourth house we have purchased using Dick as our Realtor.  His knowledge and professionalism always seem to divert a crisis.  I would not buy or sell without him.  I cherish him and his Christian stand.  -Ron H.


Dick Gilbert worked diligently to sell our property. When an offer was received, he met with us promptly, with all papers prepared efficiently & to our specifications. The closing was effortless, handled in a completely amicable atmosphere. Could not have been any easier! Dick is a polite, respectful, caring individual – a good Christian! We felt totally at ease working with him and would recommend him to others. –Carol & Rick R. 


Dick is a wonderful agent & man and has become a dear friend. Certainly a man of integrity and a valuable asset to Huff Realty. He paid for improvements to my property out of his own pocket. He handled breaking & vandalism to the property, dealing with the police and insurance company because I lived out of town. –Janice O. 


Dick Gilbert was an amazing agent to us. He took a lot of time and effort to show us many houses. Dick always kept us informed about what was going on with the purchase of our home. He got us a great deal on our house. Job well done! -Tracy M. & Edward P.


Dick is a very pleasant person who is easy to deal with. He went out of his way to make everything convenient to our work schedule. We couldn’t have asked for a nicer person. –Frank H.

 Dick was very helpful in finding my condo and the whole process. I will always recommend Dick to everyone who is looking to buy or sell. –Kathy P.

Dick Gilbert went “beyond the call of duty” in helping me find just the right house at just the right price. I have the utmost confidence that he is knowledgeable, honest and of high integrity. It was a privilege getting to know him and working with him. –Linda P.

Mr. Gilbert was very professional and informed on what we were interested in. –Steve C.

Soon after Dick took over my listing he made things happen. Since we were out of state he made all aspects of the transaction easier and took care of things for us. I am very grateful for his efforts. He was always friendly and kept me updated. –Barbara & Randy I.

Dick recently helped me purchase my first home and turned a stressful, unknown process into a pleasant experience. His patience and compassion put me at ease; his detailed explanations along with his easy availability turned my uncertainty into an informed and confident knowledge of the home buying process. He took me to the closing and reviewed everything beforehand so I knew exactly what to expect. His concern and thoroughness are exemplary. –Ann G.

Mr. Gilbert called me because I was relocating to the Cincinnati area due to new employment. Because of my long hours, Mr. Gilbert would meet me on Tuesday mornings at my office, have 6-8 houses for me lined up to look at and then drop me back off before I started work. By doing this I was able to find a home, learn more about the new area & still keep up with my new job. I would not have been able to do everything without Mr. Gilbert’s help & support. Thanks so much! -Cindy & Scott G.


Buying my home was a very difficult time for me and Dick instinctively understood this. He would advise me to do this or that and I would say “no”. After a period of time, I’d do what he suggested and he would “thank me”. And he was right – as soon as I did what he suggested, the house sold. Dick understood my circumstances & bless his heart his patience with me was beyond the call of duty – and I did “drive him crazy”. Dick is a gentleman, a professional and the best!” -Gerry D.


Dick Gilbert sold my house in two months. I got what I wanted out of it, then I got more. From the first phone call to Dick he not only listened to what I needed – he heard me. He kept me informed along the way. He was always communicating. I am thankful that Dick Gilbert became my realtor and a friend. –Brian K.


Dick did a great job in selling our house. He did it in a timely manner. He worked very hard in getting potential clients to look a t our property. We look forward to doing more business in the future. – Demetrios V.


For the very hard work and help – no matter if it’s rain or snow or shine – Mr. Dick Gilbert did an excellent job and I appreciate it. –Elen Y.


Dick is the best agent I’ve ever met. He goes beyond the call of duty to find property and also sell property. He is available 24/7 and always is wearing a smile. He does everything possible to make the client happy. All agents should take a few lessons from Dick. – Kelly O.


Dick continually gives excellent service and knowledgeable advice all hours of every day. –Ross S.


Dick was willing to meet me anywhere at any time. He answered all of my questions, advised me instead of being non-committed. I felt like he was just as happy about me getting the house as I was. Dick also did a great job dealing with the listing agent. –Ronald & Leeza H.


Dick sold my house fast. He kept us up to date and helped us with a lot of things. –Rose L.


Dick is honest, sincere, personable, conscientious, easy to get a hold of and dependable! -Dave & Michelle B.


Dick is very knowledgeable, well organized, customer-focused, a hard worker and facilitator! -Roger P.


Dick works hard and has a good attitude. He is well-connected in the business world in-so-much-as real estate is concerned. –Robert F.


Dick works hard, is honest, and looks out for his clients to make sure he gets them the very best deal. He is very good at what he does. You couldn’t ask for a better realtor! -Jim & Revon G.